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  Counted Cross Stitch designs from Lizzie Kate

Welcome to the Lizzie*Kate website!

It's Mystery Sampler Time!
Details on What's New and L*K blog

#168 Flora McSample's 2014 Stockings S116 Sled Dudes
K73 Dear Rudolph #167 Tiny Tidings XIX
THINGS UNSEEN Part 1 - Our 2014 Mystery Sampler... click for details!

#169 Reindeer Stocking K71 Snow Dudes
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Are you interested to see what our daughter Alison "Kate" is up to?
Check out her food blog: www.gimmesomeoven.com for some yummy ideas.

You can also check in on our younger daughter, Sarah "Lizzie" Wain.
Go to www.sarahewain.com to see her newest paintings, pastels and prints.

*** If you need to order L*K designs, please contact your local needlework shop.

There is a shop listing by state at the Info for Stitchers button. Most shops are happy to do mail order, and many shops have websites and/or toll free numbers to assist you in ordering. Happy Stitching!!!   ***

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